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Job Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to back to the labor market? You are in the right place… to learn and search useful information that can help you to catch a new job with greater competencies and strong skills. In this area you can find and explore some websites where job opportunities are presented. You can follow the websites by clicking in the respective links. A new window will be opened. So you can return anytime you want to the learning space again, selecting the respective browser.

Empregos Online
In this website you will find the most recent job offers. You can select directly the category or the work place to see only the offers that meets your interests. Training and franchising Opportunities are also available.

Euro Jobs
If you are looking for a job opportunity outside Portugal you can use this website and choose the country where you want to work, the market sector, and the title/function.

Expresso Emprego
Here you will access to most recent job offers. You can also search for a function or select a professional category and see all the opportunities available. Some filters are also available - Place | Function | Market Sector, that allows to have the best results according to your preferences.

Institutional Information

Helping you to create your business


Centros de Formalidades das Empresas (CFE) - Portuguese Organization

If you want to create your own business in Portugal you have a special help given by portuguese entities in called CFE - Centros de Formalidades das Empresas, where you can have all information and support to start your company. These services centralized in an unique space allows to do all the processes and formal interventions. You have these spaces in Lisboa, Porto, Coimbra, Setúbal, Aveiro, Braga, Viseu, Leiria, Covilhã, Loulé e Funchal.

Please follow the link below.


New Skills for Women (Re) Integration in the Labour Market

NSforWomen Project No. 2010-1-PT1-LEO05-05167

The main goal of project is to empower people in inclusive societies. The acquisition of new skills, fostering creativity and innovation, the development of entrepreneurship and a smooth transition between jobs will be crucial in a world that offers more job opportunities for those who show greater adaptability. The overall objective of the project is to transfer innovative training methodologies to improve guidance and counseling, vocational and professional training in EU for women returning to work after a hiatus in their careers, as a result of maternity, illness, unemployment, or who are in a situation of self-employment. The project aims at fostering the use of ICT and wishes to encourage the use of these tools applied to this target group to improve the quality of learning, provide access to resources and services online, providing feedback on progress and create the conditions for increasing skills and self‐esteem of women in situations of crisis and with difficulties in gaining access to a profession.

In Europe, women returning to the labor market are a significant part of the labor force available but statistics on the labor market show that on average women have 40% less likely than men to be offered them a position, which illustrates the difficulties that women face when returning to the labor market. The aims to give women who somehow find themselves, voluntarily or involuntarily unemployed, skills to integrate the labor market again: through the creation of self-employment or with the acquisition of new skills in the areas of ICT and entrepreneurship which will enable them to perform computing tasks on the user's perspective.

Course for Women:

Training content for a e-learning solution, focusing on areas of training that allows women to create their own jobs on the one hand and adapt to technological innovations, on the other. So, the course would bet on 2 routes: 1 - Create your own business: Turning ideas into business; Support; Formalisms in the creation of the company; Management of a business (planning, control and manage); and Management tools. 2 - IT skills: Working with a browser; Research and web tools; Excel; Word; and Access. Contents generic to two specializations: Area behavioral and motivational; Search jobs and opportunities; How to respond to an offer of employment.

Coach course for facilitators:

The course aims at helping facilitators and other active employment agents to get better at whatever women do and guides them and company representatives towards realizing specific goals and shared visions: through online training, facilitation and support; using the platform and the courses contents in an effective and sustainable, train-the-trainer model.